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Homegrown Health - Radio.NaturalNews.com


Homegrown Health - Radio.NaturalNews.com
60 MIN2015 SEP 9
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How did you spend your Labor Day? ImprovingBirth.org rallied to help change birth care in America. Find out why they rally, why improving birth improves communities and saves lives. No mother should have to experience PTSD from childbirth in our healthcare systems. Will you lose your job (whether you work outside of healthcare or not) if you aren't fully vaccinated as an adult? Find out what's coming down the pike and be aware of the current goals our government has for you. Breastfeeding mamas: Do you need some encouragement? I'll run down a list of things a lactation consultant wished all breastfeeding mothers knew. Plus #cdctruth rally coming up October 23-25. You gonna be a part of change? Find out this and more TODAY on Homegrown Health.