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Homegrown Health - Radio.NaturalNews.com


Homegrown Health - Radio.NaturalNews.com
60 MIN2015 SEP 23
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BREAKING NEWS and "Update" on Homegrown Health: Bayer's Essure is a permanent birth control implant that is causing cancer, death, chronic fatigue and other horrible side effects for thousands of women world-wide. The FDA will finally hold hearings this Thursday and hear from both the manufacturer and consumers. Amanda Dykeman, Essure Activist and one of the women harmed by this device joins the show again to give the latest updates and explain the sudden flurry and mainstream attention this is receiving. Talking with your daughters about PMS, their cycles and how to change body shaming/hating through conversation about menstruation. Zen living and the importance of space and a Gardening in 2 minute segment on growing garlic.