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Tales of the Liberty Flyer

Century Studios

Tales of the Liberty Flyer
36 min2018 JUN 21
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The Stars and Stripes, borne aloft by the wonders of science and the spirit of freedom. Wherever danger issues a mighty challenge, the Liberty Flyer will go. These are the Tales of the Liberty Flyer!This episode bring the intrepid crew to the mighty Amazon jungle, where the only hope to cure a terrible plague lies in uncovering an ancient mystery.Tales of the Liberty Flyer stars Rissy Dollins as Laura L'Amour, Nicky Shane as Eli Franzblauski, Josh Pinkowski as Dr. Alvas Sinclaire and Mark Scoggins as Capitan Mannheim Munsterberg. This episode also features Angel Castillo as Diego, David Atsbaha as Fernando Artozqui and Ivan Sharudo as Victor Raznovich. The commercial break is performed by Matt Fazio and Kelsey Osborne.Tales of the Liberty Flyer is created by Drew Franzblau and Chris Nebergall with music by Bobby Brader.