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Naked Astronomy, from the Naked Scientists

The Naked Scientists

Naked Astronomy, from the Naked Scientists
--2019 DEC 13
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Rubber gloves, sew sisters and a mission to the Sun with Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson this month. Richard talks to Solar Orbiter ESA and NASA mission scientists in Munich. Sue reports from the US on the seamstresses to the stars - including Jean Wright, who sewed thermal blankets on the Space Shuttle and Jeanne Wilson, who helped make Neil Armstrong's spacesuit. Plus astronomer Nick Howes on his efforts to track down the Apollo 10 Snoopy lunar lander. Liz Seward from Airbus Defence and Space joins the Space Boffins in the studio and brings along several pairs of gloves used... Like this podcast? Please help us by supporting the Naked Scientists