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Open Floor: SI's NBA Show


Open Floor: SI's NBA Show
72 MINJUN 26
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Ben Golliver and Michael Pina take stock of the NBA's return plan, which saw players report to their teams for coronavirus testing this week. Is the media to blame for reporting an individual player's positive tests? If now, how should the NBA be handling the testing results? Did Nikola Jokic's positive test reveal anything new about worst-case scenarios facing the league inside the bubble? Then Ben and Michael touch on the worsening state of the coronavirus in Florida and how fans should react to players who decide not to participate before taking questions from the Open Floor Globe. Which NBA awards and accomplishments should be named after famous players? Should it be the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar MVP award and the Michael Jordan scoring title? To close, the guys debate the difference between a "star" and "superstar" and wonder whether there should be a new category that differentiates between a garden-variety superstar and the cream of the crop. 
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