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BS With Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt

BS With Bob Schmidt
27 MIN2018 DEC 20
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Bob Schmidt podcast featuring entrepreneurs, business people and marketers this week talking with Elizabeth Dickinson certified life coach and public speaker as well as author of the book. The concise coaching handbook how to coach yourself and others to get business results and I had a chance to meet Elizabeth a few months ago. Back in New York and had a chance eight, Hennepin conversation and chat a little bit about business and invited around of the podcasts talk about this and you know Elizabeth, I think that a lot of people a lot of self-starters a lot of entrepreneurs and people that are it you know in business for themselves have all these great ideas but sometimes the concise part is is a hard thing for people to get yeah I don't you think that I think the people have a hard time to try to be concise week, at least for myself. I also at taco stuff out there and I could whittled it down and said okay let's just focus in on this one little thing actually very true ruler and ruled McCracken' you folks in the real estate industry and outlets. Also, home remodelers, and a lot of then interesting the problems that they back and turn it in your heart you deal with people who don't get to the point here, and he needed some Texan checks around around that kind of think it is tricky to glow from storm helps to bring somebody out to just kind of rehearsing your head a little thing about what you can save on what your message is to be sure that you don't have to fumble around when you're actually leaving a message or on the phone and I think it's actually helpful. I am just going into and what are the top three things I need to get across in this conversation. Helping organize and train your brain just a little back so that you can do more effective conversation with other people know it is. I could hear was that based on my start of the start of the show. I'm just double checking, you know, it's funny that you brought that up because I know that my son he's 20 and he before he makes a phone called anybody he practices what he wants to say to those people and still nine times out of 10 he says dad is still screwed up. How do you have stuff to say when you're on the radio is and I honestly I don't know just kinda comes to me often because you're a great improviser and you're just ready to go with whatever energy of the conversation is going to be able to allow yourself to everybody. And so they really do think about it a little bit you so much radio experience, you probably don't get nervous. I totally the opposite. I get nervous all the top name yeah and it's it's crazy to think that but I route I really do it, or talking in front of a group of people. I despise that that's one of my least favorite things in the world to do what you I think it's a fear of messing up. I mean honestly, I've given myself permission to make mistakes. You know when it would have done things I said you know just got there, do the best you can do but I still sometimes have a difficult time trying to figure out that or I think that people perhaps are thinking well this guys professionally should do a better job than you really think I don't know. I really don't know. I I've taken classes of to. I actually went back to college as an adult to try to learn new skills and I had a speech class. I did well in the speech class but I think it's just I need to get out of my own head I don't. Maybe this counseling session with a lot of person in your shower. Friendly and welcoming role answers that people come up with more effect that they're more likely to listen to themselves are more likely to act on their own advice on impossible for them to stop thinking about what however he said it so firm so so I'm hoping if we were an actual coaching session, we help a little deeper and see if we could come up with strategies to help you need out how self-critical people are because I went to a real estate seminar a few weeks a few weeks ago there was a young Asian...