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BS With Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt

BS With Bob Schmidt
24 MIN2019 JAN 3
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The BS Bob Schmidt podcast talking entrepreneurship, business and marketing. This week's guest is economist, consultant and author Dr. Rod Wallace and Telluride that the one class that I got the lowest grade in in college I just graduated and that in April was economy are economics and it's weird because I like the class. I studied hard in the class but the teacher didn't allow stem open books only got a B in the class. I'm very sorry to hear that, Bobby. We can do better, but of course we can ride your business strategist. What is a business strategist actually do the work for planning and so you know, the book of what might I let you know we want to grow in Europe and Asia and we want to shrink in. You know our presence in South America, but the really interesting part of that is taking a step back and saying what's really going on in the world because that plan. We want to grow in Europe and Asia should be based on what's really going on in the world and that's the interesting part where we say okay why is it that okay that it seems that technology growth as measured by an economist has shrunk since 1980. Or it's been a lot slower 1980 than it had been before 1980. Even though you look at all the amazing stuff that come out like computers in cell phone and artificial intelligence and ego. What now the most amazing technology ever and were scared of email people being replaced by machines. And yet, the economists say that economic growth has slowed. During that time I said we want to grow and then we want to shrink we want to grow what we want to grow our presences as American businesses going to grow our what they deliver. It couldn't we talk about it. GDP, which is basically the total value of everything produced in the United States are you thinking we got 270 million people in the US, something like that and if we produce no 50 thousand dollars of stock per person that better than if we only produce $25,000 of stuff for person to talk gross domestic product that's what the GDP is as or try to grow okay because I was sure to try to make it is simple as possible because when people are listening you know sometimes your heads in the cloud. Sometimes there you know it's it's kind of on his background. Sometimes there be no pain will close attention so try to make things as simple as possible for people that are listening well the part that's really saying is that we have an increasing number of people that are going to college and are getting educated, and that that seems like it's fantastic and back at night, but the same point we are in a country where more than half of the public universities one third of the senior people in the last year cannot make a cohesive argument but cannot assess the quality of evidence in the document or interpreted table door, going to school forever. It's just that we don't seem to be necessarily learning a whole lot. The whole time were doing so would you suggest we do in place of that. I think what we need to do is first and foremost understand more clearly what it is that were trying to get out of our educational system. Right now we have everyone is is going through and improving little pieces of the educational system and we have a bunch of teachers that are really awesome and that most of them care about Arctic art, our kids, not all of them but most of them do. And then we have a really cool programs that are designed to take kids into the behind. Grade level and bring them up to grade level with other programs that are designed to take kids are younger physically and mentally handicapped in and mainstreamed in each one of those things is really awesome. The problem is when you combine them all what you have is you have yelp, the teacher is trying to help these five first-graders who are behind first grade level. Enter like 17 digit code into the computer to take their weekly standardized...