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BS With Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt

BS With Bob Schmidt
13 MIN2019 AUG 17
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Founding member of the band autograph Steve Lynch joining me. I had the opportunity to interview Steve a few times over the last handful years and always enjoy chatting with them always enjoy seeing you guys live and always enjoy just the person that you are Steve because a lot of times rock stars. A lot of times people in your position. Don't give time to be ordinary person and you know were friends on Facebook. I've tagged you in a couple things and you actually respond to your fans, which I think is is cool. Well I just look at myself as an ordinary person register your lab work hard to become our guitars and you know I appreciate all the parents out there so much I may not yield to be an honor to have people listen to me naturally like what I'm doing, you still get a kick out of. When people come up to and say are you Steve Lynch yeah absolutely no will of course you know it's it's one of those things where the recognition and respect that you received the excitement from that never goes away. A lot of people get a chance to do some really cool things over the years of me being in radio I had the chance actually broadcast from inside of a bridge over the Mississippi River walk while they were building this bridge. I'm guessing that you had the chance to do some cool things that the average ordinary Joe hadn't had the chance to do is just the traveling yell and just being on stage plates, such are numerous amount of people and it was only autograph I did a lot of traveling. My clinics was promoting my books. I have three books out cultlike touch looks one, two and three of us promoting those like Dr. travel to 20 different countries in Q3 25 cities felt that was great. It's a blessed life. You know it really is. That's where I feel about him very thankful. Steve a lot of times people think of rock 'n' roll they think of sex drugs and rock 'n' roll that can ask about the typical question to most people ask, but I do ask about you know seeing some year friends and some of that you know people that you that you played with over the years, you know, succumb to drug addictions and things like that. It was, it isn't hard to be on you know be on stage and BN on the road and and and Kelly keep a clean and free life. Like the I was just you as I drink too much, but that you know that I was looking thought that I just didn't like okay so so that was that was easy for me to not but I didn't try but it was easy for me to share with you. I was just going through focusing on playing guitar and and just putting on a good performance and I've always just got My mindset that links it was difficult to also see all the people go through the hardships that you know what drugs you will because of our lives and see people go don't go very fast when they do try to come… Same as they were previously so that is. His music business different now than it was in the 80s. Europe your gambling into all these different aspects of the music business and trying to be a musician and songwriter. All the same time. Like with autograph. I was basically the general manager the tour manager and the business manager on the night on the one that was leaked the liaison in between, you know, all different aspects. The endorsements the booking agent. I did most most all the interviews and then I took care of all the banking eye to eye pain. Everybody I get all the business...