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Terminal Tech Talks


Terminal Tech Talks
37 MIN2019 OCT 18
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We’re proud to bring you a Forbes 30 Under 30 CTO who built production-grade deep learning systems while going from zero to $100M USD in sales. How can you take an engineering first approach to developing impactful business strategies? How do software leaders evolve from technologists to CTOs while simultaneously building teams during hypergrowth? How do AI thought leaders think about deep learning, natural language processing, and machine learning applications today?

Leading a company from zero to $100M runrate in under three years while balancing and building world-class technical teams is a humbling experience. That’s exactly what Toronto-based SnapTravel has done, aside from adding the greatest shooter in NBA history to their team.

In this Terminal Tech Talk we bring you Henry Shi, co-founder and CTO of SnapTravel, in conversation with Mohammed Ridwanul, Product Manager at Dessa where Mohammed’s team has built an AI platform that helps the world’s largest and most complex organizations build real-world value with advanced AI.