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Terminal Tech Talks


Terminal Tech Talks
66 MIN2019 DEC 14
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We love bringing CTOs to you and we have another awesome CTO coming to Terminal from Palo Alto! Ramaneek Khanna is the Chief Technology Officer at Earnin which the New York Times said is part of the ‘Next Wave of Unicorn Startups.’ Earnin has raised over $190M in venture funding from some of the best technology investors in the world including Andreessen Horowitz, DST Global and Spark Capital, just to name a few.

In this Tech Talk, we will explore a number of topics including:

  1. Building a data infrastructure that works for everyone and doesn’t bring down production!

  2. Evolution of security – Navigating the tradeoffs of open access and security best practices

  3. The challenging road going from a monolithic architecture to micro services

  4. Organizational growth – structure and specialization