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Attagirl Podcast

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Attagirl Podcast
--MAY 5
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Tiffany High is a self-made, real estate entrepreneur based in Columbus Ohio. As founder of Heels Homes, Tiffany has developed a track record of success, closing over 160+ wholesale and rehab deals in 2019. Tiffany's real estate results go beyond the wholesale/rehab industry, building an active rental portfolio while coaching some of the top aspiring real estate entrepreneurs on the systems that have made her successful. 

Tiffany and her husband/COO Josh High, have built an industry standard, systematic approach that allows entrepreneurs to scale their business by delegating tasks, lowering lead costs and overhead, all while increasing bottom line profits. Tiffanys focus is helping entrepreneurs scale their business, with a lean team and proven follow up processes. Her approach allows entrepreneurs to take back control of their business by focusing on income-producing tasks.


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