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99 Days in the Word

Ryan Southern

99 Days in the Word
--2008 MAY 26
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save this podcast to your computer That's right, change-- a 6-letter, sometimes dirty word that most people don't want to hear. But stay with me. I'm getting ready to talk to you about something that will, if you let it, literally change your life FOREVER in the most amazing, expansive, fulfilling way you could EVER imagine. But first, a little history. 99 Days is something my church started last summer when we decided to take the 99 days from Memorial Day through Labor Day and turn them into something cool. The idea was to do something--anything--that you had always wanted to do, always dreamed about, and dedicate yourself to doing a little something towards that every day for 99 days. We had lots of people join in and do some really great things-- work on starting businesses, learning how to play musical instruments, become better fathers & husbands-- it was all great stuff. As soon as I heard about this campaign and started thinking about what my 99 days was going to be about, God planted in my spirit a desire to read through the entire bible in 99 days. "Whoa-- are you KIDDING ME??? That thing is like, thick and stuff. You want me to read ALL of it??" I quickly proceeded to start coming up with basically anything else I could do with my 99 days, believing there was no real way I could actually read through my entire bible in such a relatively short period of time. But, God was relentless with me and filled my thoughts and heart with nothing but diving into His Word and seeing what could happen. So I did it. I jumped in, made a plan, and made it happen. I read my bible in 99 days, cover-to-cover, and it has completely changed my life and the way that I view EVERYTHING: God, people, family, friends, relationships, the church-- I really do mean everything. Anyone that has spent any time with me over the last year can testify to this change in me. It is significant and real. So, as I have been getting ready to jump into 99 Days again this summer, I really want to do this again. But this time, I want you to come with me. That's right, I know you can read-- that's really the only qualification necessary. This is an invitation to join me this summer in seeking God through daily, consistent time in the Word and in prayer. If you were anything like me last summer, you are, right this second, probably thinking of a million excuses not to do it or why you think you can't do it, but let me just stop you right there-- I've got lots more to say. A MAJOR revelation that has permanently burned itself into my spirit is the idea of order-- of getting things in the proper place and order in your life and letting your life flow out of this order. For Christians, Christ-followers, believers, or whatever you want to call us, I have come to the amazingly simplistic realization that the first order of business of your entire life starts with your own, personal relationship with God. Let's sit with that for just a second. Step back with me and let's evaluate, together, on where this is for you. Answer these basic questions for yourself right now and be honest: Do you feel close to God right now? Why? Why not? Would you say that you spend a significant amount of time with God on a consistent basis? If your answer is unsure or "no" to the last question, then what would you say is your primary source of direction for your life right now? Please don't misunderstand-- this is not about feeling guilty about the status of your relationship with God. This is about stopping, taking a moment to reevaluate where you are and what your doing and then refocusing your direction. This is about recognizing that everything, everything, everything, EVERYTHING (is this clear, yet?) flows out of your personal relationship with God. Everything! See, one thing I'm really tired of is the Church, believers, so-called Christians blabbing about changing the world and then, when you get into the heart of the matter, aren't even getting the FIRST and most important step