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Christian Parenting

Mike Slater

Christian Parenting
28 min2017 SEP 12
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This episode is mostly for parents of girls. It's about teaching girls why they should dress modestly. Her book and matching devo book (for daughter and mom) highlights scripture's definition of beauty, which is contrary to modern culture's definition. It's a must read for parents of girls.

5:00 Why eating disorder patients are getting younger

7:00 How the self-esteem movement has missed the mark for girls and actually made things worse (and what to replace it with).

15:00 How what you wear is a reflection of your heart

17:00 "Look at me" vs "Look at God"

18:00 How western culture and Muslim culture both over-sexualize women, and neither are right

20:00 How to teach boys to be protective of a girl's heart

Here is the link to Dannah's books: http://amzn.to/2xtrhEm