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Christian Parenting

Mike Slater

Christian Parenting
44 min2017 SEP 16
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John is the father of 6 and has been host of the Focus on the Family Broadcast for decades. His book is First Time Dad: The Stuff You Really Need to Know: http://amzn.to/2xajcD9

5:00 The proper vision for your kids, Jeremiah 9:23
8:00 Motivating by heart or fear
11:00 How to not teach kids to perform, parable of the talents
13:00 Are you a dad of law of grace? 
17:00 ABC your baggage
19:00 Pop culture of dads and how to beat it
23:00 Protecting vs engaging with the culture
25:00 How to teach cause and effect and consequences to your kids
28:00 Lions, Otters, Retrievers and Beavers (It'll make sense)
40:00 Bagel and a Bible