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Christian Parenting

Mike Slater

Christian Parenting
47 min2017 NOV 16
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In this episode, September gives encouragement through some of your most difficult parenting moments and also challenges me to set a high standard in the home.

You can buy September's book here: http://amzn.to/2AOYrfX

1:00 You will be disappointed if you're not intentional
3:00 Family Mission Statement
4:00 Calling up!
10:00 A Woman’s and Mother’s heart
11:00 Overwhelmed does not have to be your middle name
17:00 Behavior is a symptom of you heart, stopping behavior vs changing the heart
19:40 Asking questions
24:00 Family Devotionals
27:00 Hide God’s word in your heart
30:00 The Tired Mom can be the most influencial mom
33:00 No More counting to three. (Ps, we've already instituted the “I’d like to make an appeal” approach)
37:30 Permission to not do it all
40:00 God multiplies your moments
43:00 When were you most proud