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Brimstone Valley Mall

The Whisperforge

Brimstone Valley Mall
30 min2019 DEC 19
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Trainee shows up for her first day of work at Weiner World, but to Misroch’s dismay, Hornblas does not. Tempers flare in the back room when Belzagor comes to visit, but these two demons will soon have bigger fingers to fry.

Written, Directed & Produced by Kristen DiMercurio. Co-written by Talia Rochmann and Mark Wolf Roberts. Production Consulting by Julia Schifini. Executive Produced by Mischa Stanton. Sound designed by Jeffrey Nils Gardner. Recorded by Jared Paul and James Schoen.

Featuring: Elliot Gindi as Misroch, Susannah Wilson as Belzagor, Regina Russel as Trainee, Sheldon Brown as Hornblas, Kristen DiMercurio as Mall Announcements, along with Julia Schifini and Mischa Stanton as additional voices.

Theme music by FM Buller.

Show art by Talia Rochmann.

A Product of The Whisperforge: Sound & Story, Brought To Life