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The Squib

Cody Owen

The Squib
34 s2019 SEP 13
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A “squib” is a short piece of satire - which is great for us because we just thought it was a funny sounding word… and we couldn’t write longer episodes to save our miserable lives.

“The Squib” is a satirical look at the world through the lens of a podcast. If you haven’t been offended by an episode yet, take a number and we’ll get to you eventually, we’re sure.

Our first season will feature:

An Alex Jones 24-hour-Jerry-Lewis-style telethon

The podcast premier of business bitch, GretchYo

20 minutes of podcasting to get to one terrible pun based on the name of Critical Role

The audio diary of an Uber driver

This American Life as produced by JACK FM

Frequent reminders that the elderly are still, in fact, getting “it”

Look, this show is what you didn’t know you needed in your podcast life - kinda like how you didn’t know you needed a towel that didn’t get wet until that guy who got his ass kicked in a club sold you one on TV. We’re like the Shamwow guy - yes, eventually Cody will get his ass stomped outside a Miami gay club but not for the reason you’d think.