The Pivot Principle

Why Adapting Is Vital to Success

Michael Chernow

Michael Chernow

Entrepreneur, Restaurateur & Brand Builder

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As a world-class chef and entrepreneur, Michael Chernow knows his way around a kitchen and a boardroom. In this course, he’ll share stories and hard-earned wisdom from his life and career about hustling, instincts, and why learning to pivot is vital to growth and success.

What You'll Learn

  • Why hustling is a key factor in success

  • The importance of pivoting to adapt to new circumstances 

  • How to think of each day as an opportunity to take advantage of 


5 Episodes

1. Hustling Towards Success


Learn why hustling is key to reaching your goals

2. Building a Business


Discover the principles behind Michael’s business success

3. Follow Your Instincts


You already have a lot of internal knowledge. Learn how to use it.

4. Failing to Succeed


Sometimes our defeats contribute to our greatest triumphs

5. The Pivot Principle


Learn why the pivot in business is one of the keys to sustaining success

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