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The Masterclass Podcast

Louisa Lim

The Masterclass Podcast
33 MIN2018 APR 16
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Sound and silence are the tools of an audio journalist, and their uses – as emphasis, as illustration, as explication or as a chapter break – are manifold. In this episode, the BBC’s Neal Razzell talks through how to make your pieces sing, and how to go one step further with sound.

Show notes
Neal Razzell 's Twitter - @NealRazzell

Spain’s Battle for the Bull (Documentary Podcast, BBC World Service)

Last Call From Aleppo (Crossing Continents, Radio 4, BBC)

Audiograph: The Sound of the Brexit Pound

Audiograph: The Sound of Climate Change

Audiograph: The Sound of Mexican Migration to the US

Audiograph: Falling Infant Mortality Rates

Opposing Obama (BBC World Service)

Podcast series: The Assassination (BBC World Service)

Recorded at the Horwood Studio, University of Melbourne

Host details:
Louisa Lim has been a journalist for more than two decades. She was a foreign correspondent in China for a decade for BBC and NPR. She subsequently wrote a book called The People’s Republic of Amnesia; Tiananmen Revisited, which was named an Economist Book of the Year and shortlisted for the Orwell Prize. She co-hosts a podcast on China called The Little Red Podcast with Graeme Smith from the Australian National University. She teaches Audio and Video Journalism at the University of Melbourne.

Production Team
Buffy Gorrilla is an awardwinning audio journalist and a recent graduate of the University of Melbourne’s Master of Journalism programme. Buffy has been a producer at the ABC for Radio National and ABC Radio Melbourne and is currently working with RN’s Blueprint for Living. She is also host and producer of an upcoming podcast for the University of Melbourne called Starting Somewhere.

Ruby Schwartz is a Research Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne. She provides research support for books, essays, op-eds and speeches, and co-produces the Vice-Chancellor’s public policy podcast, The Policy Shop. Ruby has co-hosted a weekly intersectional feminist news and current affairs show on 3CR, produces audio stories for FBI Radio’s All The Best and written articles for the Sydney Morning Herald. She was an editorial assistant at the Saturday Paper and wrote a thesis on gendered cyber harassment.