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Aisha Addo

35 MINJUN 17
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In this episode, we chat with Eyitemi Innovation Strategist and founder of Ayiba Magazine and Girls Trips Tour. She is an entrepreneur who invests in products, services, and ecosystems that help women thrive. Whether through media, technology, or tourism, her focus is on creating sustainable growth for women-focused initiatives, especially in Africa. She believes there is so much space for disruption with products and services that meet the needs - and ambitions - of women; especially those on the African continent.

In 2012, She graduated from Mount Holyoke College, one of seven sisters, with high honors. She studied International Relations and Digital Media (computer science and film production). She also holds a Master’s in Digital Experience Innovation from the University of Waterloo and am certified in digital publishing from NYU. She has spent most of her professional career working in design thinking, product management, and innovation strategy. While running her businesses: Ayiba Media and Girls Trip Tours, She works in deep tech VC as an entrepreneur in residence.

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