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Essential 90s History

Michael Livingston and Timothy Schultz

Essential 90s History
34 min2019 DEC 22
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On October 3rd, 1990, East and West Germany officially reunited. This was in many ways another end to the Cold War and a precursor to the European Union, and the effects are still with us today as we debate the effects of globalization and other issues, such as Brexit. On today's episode Tim and Michael will be discussing German Unification as a major event of 1990, why it was important, and how its effects still resonate today. Thanks for joining us, and please don't forget to rate and review the show!Contact us and follow us at the following:email: essential90shistory@gmail.comTwitter: @essential90sInstagram: @ essential90shistorywebsite: www.essential90shistory.comTheme music: Hip Hop Vibes by the ARTISANS Beats