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On Our Line: The Rail and Transport Podcast

London Reconnections

On Our Line: The Rail and Transport Podcast
63 MIN2016 JUL 27
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In episode three of our podcast Nicole discusses the history of British transport policy with Dr Geoff Dudley and Christian Wolmar. Dr Geoff Dudley is a Visiting Research Associate at Transport Studies Unit at the University of Oxford’s. His research interest focuses on dynamics and process of policy change. His work includes an investigation into how how policy communities and different interests steered British transport policy after the Second World War – published in his book Why Does Policy Change? Lessons from British Transport Policy 1945-99 Geoff has also been examining the decision-making processes for the High Speed Rail 2 project and this year, is set to start investigating the governance of Uber in London. Christian Wolmar is a journalist and author specialising in transport. Christian writes regularly for a wide range of national newspapers, is a frequent guest on the radio and has been a columnist for Rail magazine since 1994. He is the author of many books on railwa...