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On Our Line: The Rail and Transport Podcast

London Reconnections

On Our Line: The Rail and Transport Podcast
44 MIN2016 AUG 19
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To celebrate the start of the Night Tube service this evening, London Reconnections is pleased to bring you the first episode of On Our Line: Extra. We will be offering these podcast extras in addition to our regular month episodes. These podcast extras still focus on all matters transport but might vary in scope and format from the our regular month episodes. For instance, they may be on very timely topics such as this episode on the Night Tube today In this episode, Nicole talks to the man responsible for the implementation of the Night Tube. Kevin Dunning is the Director of Asset and Operational Support for London Underground , and has been responsible for the logistics and preparation for the new 24hr service. The talk covers a wide range of topics, from the initial planning and engineering challenges, to the testing process, and we can expect from the service in the months and years to come, as it becomes a staple of London life, and impacts upon the city.