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Popcorn Finance

Chris Browning

Popcorn Finance
6 minSEP 16
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Welcome to another Pop-Up Debate! This is a special episode where I am joined by a past guest to debate a weird and fun topic. We each get 1 minute to argue our side and then you the listener get to decide who mad the best argument! This is all recorded live and on the spot...no practice...no redo...probably some popcorn...and definitely a lot of laughs! Today Kinsey Grant is back and ready to debate! Our topic... Business casual dress code - Are you for it or against it? VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE on Instagram @PopcornFinancePodcast You can learn more about Kinsey and Business Casual at https://www.businesscasual.fm Connect with me Instagram -@PopcornFinancePodcast Twitter - @PopcornFinance Facebook - Popcorn Finance Special Music thanks to Roy Matz https://soundcloud.com/roy-matz OKAY by 13ounce https://soundcloud.com/13ounce Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 — CC BY-SA 3.0