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The 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast

Ken Okel

The 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast
4 minJUL 8
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As a leader, you want to have effective COVID19 employee communication. Otherwise, new initiatives or safety guidelines could be lost or not implemented correctly.

During the challenges of the global pandemic, can you risk not being clear or heard? Learn some good employee communication tips in this week’s episode of The 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast.

As a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Ken Okel works with leaders and organizations to boost productivity, performance, and profits. At conferences, conventions, and company meetings, he engages audiences with new ways to maximize their time at work. To see a sample of his keynote and workshop presentations, visit: https://www.kenokel.com/videos/ And sometimes he leads groups in his paper hat exercise, a great way to learn about how your react to an unexpected challenge. More than a meeting…it’s an experience.

The 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast

The 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast gives you quick leadership tips that you can use on the job or in your business right away. It’s all about making you more effective and productive, and teaching you how to get more done at work, or effective COVID19 employee communication.

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If you like the way Ken thinks you also might enjoy his YouTube channel. While there you can check out clips of some of his professional speaking presentations and his famous Paper Hat team building exercise, which is a great way to improve employee engagement.

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