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The Art of Parenting

Jeanne-Marie Paynel, M. Ed.

The Art of Parenting
19 MINMAY 11
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What does Mother's Day invoke in you? Listen in as I share some personal thoughts on Mother’s Day 2020 as a motherless daughter. 

In lieu of an interview, I’m dedicating this episode to all the mothers on the frontline, our essential workers that are separated from their children for the good of others. Honoring you and my own mother today. 

What we talked about:

  • What Mother’s Day means to me
  • A bit about my mother, Perdita Huston
  • The decision she made to have me in an independent country
  • The 3 options she gave me when I was 17
  • Caring nurturing women are all  mothers
  • Dedicating this episode to all the mothers on the frontlines
  • Let’s go forward not back

Things to Remember

“Trust yourself. Trust your child, you're in this together.” -Jeanne-Marie Paynel

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