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The Art of Parenting

Jeanne-Marie Paynel, M. Ed.

The Art of Parenting
37 MINMAY 18
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Are you worried about how your child’s personal digital information is being used? Listen in and find out how you can protect them.

Being an avid learner I was intrigued about the notion of our children’s digital privacy and what exactly is ‘sharenting’ join me as Leah author, a law professor, and mother of two answers your questions. 

What we talked about:

  • Her professional and personal interest that led her to write her book
  • Defining “sharenting” 
  • What parents can do to protect their children
  • She shares some important rules of thumb when it comes to our children’s privacy
  • Basing our technology consumption on our family values
  • The different risks that come with digitally sharing out children personal information

Things to Remember

“Low tech or no tech whenever possible.” - Leah Plunkett

“Resist the impulse to spy or your children’s whereabouts.” - Leah Plunkett

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