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The Art of Parenting

Jeanne-Marie Paynel, M. Ed.

The Art of Parenting
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Are you wanting a screen-free home? Listen in to get clarity on how to achieve it.

As a parent, I believe we get to choose how to deal with screens and not let it be dictated by our digitalized society today I sat down with Dr. Screen-Free Mom, Meghan an expert in the field of living with children and yes, without screens.  

What we talked about:

  • Her professional and personal journey that led her to be Dr. Screen-Free Mom
  • Creating family Friday fun nights, that rarely involve a screens
  • The sweet spot of recreational screen time for teenagers
  • For children under five less is better and screens are best co-viewed with a caregiver
  • Her acronym S.W.A.T. (Sleep, Weight. Aggression and Talking) explaining the effects screen time has on our littles ones
  • The mindset shift you will need to become a screen-free parent
  • How screen actually create a problem for you, not solve one
  • Why handing a device to a child is not teaching them to self-regulate or be in tune with their emotions
  • The importance of boredom, especially when working from home
  • Trusting your child to entertain themselves when you are unavailable. 
  • Leading with your values when it comes to screen time
  • Why avoidance goals are harder to keep then approach goals
  • Why prioritizing to S.P.O.I.L your child is key to their success 

Things to Remember

“Screen time is like any other values and you can have a strong rule that is not the same as everybody else.” - Dr. Meghan Owenz

“The screen has created a child that cannot tolerate negative emotions or know how to entertain themselves.” - Dr. Meghan Owenz

“Trust your child to entertain themselves when you are unavailable.” - Dr. Meghan Owenz

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