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NB: My non-binary life

BBC Radio

NB: My non-binary life
27 min2019 FEB 20
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What do you do when you realise you’re non-binary? How do you come out to yourself? How do you find people like you?Caitlin Benedict is coming out. But before they begin, they need to really understand what it’s like to live as non-binary: to exist as neither completely male nor completely female in a world usually confined to two options. So Caitlin has enlisted the help of their friend and mentor Amrou, and together they set off for Brighton, and the Museum of Transology where curator EJ Scott shares his wisdom about life outside the gender binary, the incredible trans community in the UK, and how best to transport a pair of breasts. And Amrou takes Caitlin to meet their best friend, artist Victoria Sin.Presented by Caitlin Benedict & Amrou Al-KadhiProduced by Caitlin Benedict, Arlie Adlington and Georgia Catt