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NB: My non-binary life

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NB: My non-binary life
30 min2019 MAR 20
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How does gender dysphoria feel? What can you do to combat dysphoria? How can you learn to live in your body as a non-binary person? Caitlin and Amrou get into the messy business of bodies - tattoos, piercings, surgery, hormones, and somehow also octopus sex - with Trans Like Me author CN Lester. And author of Queer Sex, Juno Roche talks about finding themself beautiful, the process of having their vagina constructed, and living in a trans body. Caitlin bribes their partner Roman with tea in exchange for talking about the reality of supporting your partner through their coming out process, and some awkward stuff about boobs too.Presented by Caitlin Benedict & Amrou Al-KadhiProduced by Caitlin Benedict, Arlie Adlington and Georgia Catt