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The McLaughlin Group

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The McLaughlin Group
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The McLaughlin Group -- May 29, 2020
guest panelist this week is Brad Polumbo of the Washington Examiner
Issue one: Lockdown Politics
As many in the media lament the public's growing dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party's "keep the lockdown" message, Americans celebrated a return to some sense of normalcy as many states lifted public restrictions this week.
Issue two: Of Trump and Twitter
President Trump loves his Twitter feed, viewing it as a way to speak directly to the world. But after Twitter marked one of his tweets about mail-in voting as potentially misleading, Mr. Trump on Thursday introduced an executive order trying to remove some of the legal protections traditionally granted to social media in terms of content on their websites.
Issue three: Bias
In a recent WSJ Opinion article, former CBS News president Van Gordon Sauter decried bias in the news industry. Is it time we openly say that most media broadcasting is biased?
Issue four: SpaceX
NASA on Wednesday nearly completed the first successful privately-supported launch of astronauts into space. Is the involvement of SpaceX a positive thing? Or have we lost the NASA sense of unity and purpose that the shuttles brought to the country in previous decades?
Plus: predictions!