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The McLaughlin Group

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The McLaughlin Group
40 MINJUN 20
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The McLaughlin Group -- June 19th, 2020
guest panelist this week is Kelsey Bolar, Independent Women’s Forum Senior Policy Analyst 
Issue one: Police Reform
President Trump this week issued an executive order to promote police reform. Highlights include a new federal database recording complaints against police officers, the promotion of social worker involvement in some police interactions, and prioritizing grants for deescalation training.
Issue two: 6 to 3
The Supreme Court this week ruled that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prevents employment discrimination on the basis of a worker's transgender or homosexual identity. In another decision, SCOTUS also blocked the Trump administration from immediately ending DACA.
Issue three: Galwan Valley Massacre
Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed along a contested border region this week. While both sides blamed each other for the melee, each also committed to deescalating tensions. Still, the battle reflects China's increasingly aggressive effort to seize contested territory around the world.
Issue four: Bolton's Book
The Trump administration this week sued former National Security Advisor John Bolton in an effort to delay the publication of his upcoming memoir.
Plus: predictions!