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The McLaughlin Group

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The McLaughlin Group
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The McLaughlin Group -- May 22, 2020
guest panelist this week is Amber Athey, Washington Editor for Spectator USA
Issue one: Mail In, Money Out
President Trump threatened to withhold federal funding to Michigan, after the state sent absentee ballots across the state. Are Trump's concerns about voter fraud legitimate? Or is this simply a way to prevent votes against him come November?
Issue two: Who Got a Letter?
President Trump says the World Health Organization will lose all US funding should it not accept major forms to its operations. He says the action is necessary in the context of what he accuses as the organization's failure to objectively address the Coronavirus pandemic.
Issue three: Partisan Divide
A new CNBC and Change Research Poll found battleground state voters sharply divided in their judgement of President Trump and Democrats' handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. But while most say Trump would be to blame for a potential second wave of infections, the poll also suggests he holds a 48-46 lead.
Issue four: Pelosi Delivers a Dose for The Donald
In an interview with CNN this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was giving President Trump "a dose of his own medicine" when she described him as "morbidly obese." The president fired back, calling Pelosi "A sick woman. She's got a lot of problems. A lot of mental problems."
Plus: predictions!