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Who Is?

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Who Is?
49 min2020 OCT 6
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Andrew Wheeler, the current Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, is the most important member of the Trump Administration that you’ve never heard of. Extremely effective, Wheeler has systematically rolled back landmark federal regulation designed to address the climate crisis, and meticulously dismantled longstanding rules that protect our air, water, and environment. On this episode of "Who Is?," Sean Morrow dives deep into Wheeler’s roots in West Virginia, a state which makes plain the complicated realities of environmental regulation, and which presents a challenge only a strong federal bureaucracy can meet: charting a path toward a carbon neutral future that includes those who have already intimately experienced the consequences of heavy industry.   

Coral Davenport, a reporter who covers energy and environmental policy, with a focus on climate change, at the New York Times 

Gina McCarthy, President and CEO of the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund. McCarthy previously served as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, from 2013-2017

Ken Ward Jr., a reporter who covers West Virginia for ProPublica. Ward is a co-founder of Mountain State Spotlight, a new nonprofit news organization that focuses on West Virginia

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