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Engaging Gospel Doctrine (Mormon Sunday School - LDS)

Jared Anderson

Engaging Gospel Doctrine (Mormon Sunday School - LDS)
28 MIN2018 OCT 14
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“Beside Me There Is No Saviour” These Isaiah chapters contain some of the most beautiful expressions by God–I love you, God says. Please come back, remember all the good things I have done, and together, we can move forward and bless others. God’s conversation with Israel provides a powerful pattern for our own relationships. Isaiah also encourages us to surrender our idols, and realize that even our belief in God can become an idol itself. Class Member Reading: Isaiah 40-49 Additional Reading: None Other Reading: None Recurring Donation: $5 $10 $25 $50 One Time Donation: $10$25$50 $100 You can find my Lesson Notes here (or PDF) Conference talk outlining the new curriculum, Elder Cook Thanks to Trent Oliphant for updating the episode insanely fast and giving us a new bumper!