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LetsRun.com's Track Talk


LetsRun.com's Track Talk
64 minJUL 23
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Michael Norman ran 9.86 for 100m. Really?!?!

LRC American GOAT Jim Ryun is being honored by President Trump on LRC Founders Day, Karissa Schweizer keeps running fast. What should Shelby Houlihan run in the Olympics? Fast times by a Japanese high schooler. Will there be a US high school national champs. No USAs.

Show notes:

2:12 Americn GOAT Jim Ryun getting Presidential Medal of Freedom

5:48 Michael Norman 9.86 100m - Legit?!

16:17 Karissa Schweizer 4:00.02 1500m

23:05 Why no doubling at Olympics? Shelby Houlihan 10k

33:53 Big Friendly II- Brazier and Amos duck duck goose

37:10 17 year-old Japanese runner Kosuke Ishida runs faster than Rupp

42:06 Stars matchups, female problems

45:15 No USAs for 1st time since President Grant

50:48 Opportunity for high school national championship?

End- Covid talk, Sam Chelanga, running a white sport?

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