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Family Affairs

smART Studio Licensed Sex Therapist, Lisa Thomas,

Family Affairs
32 MIN2018 FEB 13
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Do you hate Valentine's Day? Well, you will after this episode! Ok, maybe that's not true. Hopefully you'll have some resolve, if nothing else. Some of us, here at Family Affairs, aren't huge fans of Valentine's Day. Whether you can't wait to get flowers in front of your coworkers, or you'll spend another lonely evening masturbating with your own tears, you should definitely join us for a HILARIOUS panel discussion with some of our favorite relationship experts, Indigo Stray Conger, Matt LeBauer, and Lisa Thomas. Come, learn about the bloody origins of the holiday, with Indigo's gold-star worthy history reporting. Come, strategize your defiance of the cliches with Matt's aggressive and unapologetic boundary-setting. Come, take notes on Lisa's effortless, fairytale marriage. And if that doesn't do it for you, Ben's bitter, doughy, middle-aged dick jokes never disappoint - or at least, rem