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Family Affairs

smART Studio Licensed Sex Therapist, Lisa Thomas,

Family Affairs
51 MIN2017 DEC 21
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From politicians to actors to hollywood executives, people are getting called-out for sexual misconduct by the dozens. While it's not totally surprising to learn that people in power abuse that power - it's not even surprising toregularly hear storiesof men behaving badly, even assaulting women, sexually. Perhaps the most troubling thing about these recent reports of sexual misconduct and assault - in addition to the horrors that are those two things, already - are that they involve some of our favorite and generally well-respected public figures - and we're likely just seeing the tip of the iceberg. No reasonable person would argue that sexual assault, aggression, or unwelcome lewd conversation and behavior are wrong. What is helpful to understand, however, is what is being violated - fundamentally - in these situations. In order to be more aware of our own behaviors and to respect the