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Public and Permanent®: Real Tales From the Road

Richard Guerry

Public and Permanent®: Real Tales From the Road
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An extended and unique version of our podcast with guest author and safety advocate Sue Scheff who tells her unbelievable & personal true story of how a company abusing children hired a digital assassin to defame her reputation and destroy her career. 
Listeners will hear about;

The events that lead to her reputation being destroyed
Her emotional and professional toll from cyber cruelty 
Signs that your child may be dealing with abuse or cyber cruelty online
What to do if you are being abused or bullied online
The importance of communication with your child
How to set up a Google Alert & why
Where you can go for help if you need support, or you feel suicidal (see resources under Episode 4 here)

If you have a story that you think others would want to hear, gives us a shout - we'd love to have you on our podcast!
Email us at: publicandpermanentpodcast@gmail.com -  Learn more at www.iroc2.org/podcast


Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/publicandpermanent/message