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18 minAPR 27
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Hey ya’ll hey!

Thanks for tuning into Episode 42 of Tellemtiptoldyou—"Civic Literacy, White Mediocrity, and the Imposter Syndrom.”

Did ya’ll hear 45 talking about injecting disinfectant? How about Kemp opening GA? And, did you catch Anderson Cooper’s interview with that mayor of Las Vegas? I tell you one thing, it should be clear now that we need to make sure we’re educating folks on electing smarter leaders.

In this episode I’ll share with you my ideas around the need for greater civic literacy and some get from that to how we need to become creatives. It’s not the jump that you think it might be, give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Oh, and as promised here is the email address for my educational consulting website: admin@pogueeducationalconsulting.com

Take care ya’ll! #tellemtiptoldyou

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s episode.

Hosted by: Dr. Tip
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TAGS: Freedom schools, Civic Literacy, Civic Engagement, Voting, Imposter Syndrome, Mediocrity