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Hey ya’ll hey!

Thanks for tuning into Episode 43 of Tellemtiptoldyou—"The Death of the American Exceptionalism that Never Was.”

Can I be honest? This episode is a rant. Listen honey, if we don’t learn anything else from this COVID-19 environment it is that we need to ensure this country is better able to provide adequate healthcare and social protections for our people. From 80% of Georgia’s cases being Black folks to the lynching of Ahmound Arbery, it’s time we admit some things to ourselves.

I’ll be honest, this episode might be a controversial one. Tell me what you think. I look forward to your reviews on this episode and invite you to email me about your thoughts!

Take care ya’ll! #tellemtiptoldyou

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Hosted by: Dr. Tip
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TAGS: COVID-19, Black Wallstreet, Anti-Intellectualism