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As the NBA's coronavirus sabbatical continues, we've tapped our creative juices in order to fill the content void. Tonight, we drafted our post-lockout (2011-12 to present) "dream teams" in an episode that was equal parts parlor game, theoretical debate, and journey through some of the great performances in recent NBA history.
Each team drafts a starting five, two bench players, a coach, and a home court
The team must be comprised of players and coaches from the 2011-12 NBA season to the present (snake draft)
We are drafting specific player-seasons for which we believe the drafted player was at his apex (Example: in a 1990s draft, the first pick might be 1996 Michael Jordan, followed by 1993 Charles Barkley, 1994 Hakeem Olajuwon, etc.)
No need to pick individual coaching seasons, unless you are really inspired by somebody’s work in a particular year.
The home court can be located in any climate-controlled facility on Earth where an NBA-sized floor can be installed and spectators can attend (post-corona, of course)

Every player is eligible to be drafted only once (e.g. in the above hypo, once 1996 Michael Jordan is selected, all other versions of Michael Jordan are off the board)
No strict positional requirements, but your team should comport with traditional notions of fair play and roster balance (fluid and responsive to emerging community standards and scientific studies)
In order to work some concept of “role players” into the exercise, your two bench players cannot have averaged 20 points, 10 rebounds, or 10 assists per game in any of the eligible seasons
The results:
Team Elizabeth (Coach: Gregg Popovich; Home Court: AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX)
LeBron James (2017-18)
Chris Paul (2013-14)
Blake Griffin (2013-14)
Klay Thompson (2014-15)
Dirk Nowitzki (2013-14)
Ray Allen (2011-12)
Tim Duncan (2012-13)
Team Scott (Coach: Mike Krzyzewski; Home Court: Rec Hall, University Park, PA)
Kevin Durant (2013-14)
Kawhi Leonard (2016-17)
James Harden (2017-18)
Paul George (2018-19)
Damian Lilliard (2019-20)
Draymond Green (2015-16)
Andre Iguodala (2013-14)
Team Eric (Coach: Erik Spoelstra; Home Court: Rucker Park, New York, NY)
Giannis Antetokoumpo (2019-20)
Stephen Curry (2015-16)
Anthony Davis (2019-20)
Russell Westbrook (2015-16)
Jimmy Butler (2016-17)
Manu Ginobili (2013-14)
Kevin Garnett (2011-12)