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Sports Analytics


Sports Analytics
30 MINAPR 26
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In this episode Swarthmore College Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach, Ryan Ansel, discusses the following topics:How a winning D3 Basketball team uses analytics while being resource and time challenged.The explosion of sports analytics use across all sports at Davidson College.How a basketball shooting app with AI is being used as part of a virtual basketball training program.How to prepare for a career and find opportunities in sports analyticsSUBSCRIBEApple  Google  Spotify  Stitcher  iHeart  TuneInVALUE BOMBSDavidson college “Cat Stats” group explodes to over 70 Students doing sports analytics for sports teams. Just one example at the college level on the growth of sports analytics.Boil analytics data down to a few key things to give to players. Keep it simple. Don’t want players overthinking in games.One thing Swarthmore Basketball has done very well that contributes to their success is translating opponent analytics data for use by the scout team in practices to prepare for opponents. Very important at Division 3 level where practice time is very limited.Available time and resources (money and people) are biggest challenges for using and leveraging analytics at the lower levels; college and high school.When starting out in pursuit of career in sports analytics find a program or place where you can add value. Volunteer to gain experience and start building your network.RESOURCES MENTIONEDHomeCourt App - Basketball Shooting AppRyan Ansel Basketball - Basketball Training ServicesAccess2Success - Coach Ryan's Charity InterestFeeding America - Terry's Charity InterestSPONSORSTerry L Frederick - Sports Analytics Consulting & Career Coaching