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Sports Analytics
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In this episode Mike DeBartolo discusses how the Washington Nationals use analytics to help them win.SUBSCRIBEApple  Google  Spotify  Stitcher  iHeart  TuneInVALUE BOMBSMajor league baseball analytics has evolved over the last 5-10 years to using many more data sources of information in areas of advanced scouting for game preparation, individual player improvement, player development and injury prevention.GM Mike Rizzo has been clear that the foundation of the Washington Nationals organization is scouting and player development. At the same time analytics are used in all facets of decision making; roster building, projected player performance, player trade market value.Sports Analytics career opportunities will continue to grow and will become more specialized; data analysts, data engineers, web developers, analysis tools, programming.The Washington Nationals tend to be a bottom up organization analytically. Analytics needs are player driven. The team leadership is receptive to what the players want and ask for but at the same time the front office is also providing analytic ideas, thoughts and recommendations to players and coaches.A big part of staying ahead in analytics is how best to convey the message and to get things adopted. Hiring recent ex-players who are open minded, good communicators and more persuasive to getting players to adopt something is key.When seeking a career in sports analytics a discriminator in the competitive hiring landscape is that teams are looking for people with the skills and ideas to help make the team better.RESOURCES MENTIONEDFeeding America - Terry's Charity InterestSPONSORSTerry L Frederick - Sports Analytics Consulting & Career Coaching