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Sports Analytics


Sports Analytics
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CEO Troy Brazell and Vice President of Optima Sports Analytics discuss how NFL and other professional sports teams are using predictive models to help teams draft the right players.SUBSCRIBEApple  Google  Spotify  Stitcher  iHeart  TuneInVALUE BOMBSNFL teams and other professional sports franchises want to know the answer to a basic question when drafting players. Can the player play for the position or team system they are being drafting for? Optima Sports Analytics Predictive models look at individual player performance capability, which includes physical, technical, tactical, mental and emotional capacities or resources. And then makes assessment to help with draft accuracy to determine if a player can do the job and play at a high level.Sports teams are drowning in data but starving for intelligence. The challenge becomes which data points to use with data integrity being a primary factor to successful performance modeling.Optima Sports Analytics develops performance models to help build teams’ talent that fits, that works, has strong synergy and is built to perform within a team system and culture.Biggest challenges for more effectively using analytics for competitive advantage? Surprisingly, there are some NFL teams (in 2020) using Excel spreadsheets to make yes/no decisions on players. The opportunity exists to use predictive models for player selection, injury propensity, etc.RESOURCES MENTIONEDOptima Sports AnalyticsFeeding AmericaSPONSORSAnalytics4Coaches – Basketball Analytics Training for Coaches Courses OnlineTerry L Frederick - Sports Analytics Consulting & Career Coaching