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Beyond The Series B


Beyond The Series B
45 MIN2017 JUL 25
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Host: Sarah Lacy.

Featuring: Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Marc Andreesen, Kevin Systrom, Stewart Butterfield, Ann Miura-Ko, Brian Chesky.

Entrepreneurs consider themselves scientific. Data driven. Like the robots they are building to replace us all.

So why are they so obsessed with LUCK?

The haunting specter of luck is one of the main drivers behind serial entrepreneurship. And a belief in the power of luck is one of the reasons that even failed CEOs will get funded again the next time.

Each week, we’ll explore a topic and we are starting with luck because around Series B is when you have to start showing real numbers, a real business, real momentum. You can no longer raise money on connections, on charisma, on a cool drawing on a napkin. It’s the time a lot of people’s luck runs out.

But, as the stories in this podcast show, luck isn’t as accidental or uncontrollable as people think...