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The New Stack Analysts

The New Stack

The New Stack Analysts
39 minAUG 24
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Kubernetes is becoming boring and that’s a good thing — it’s what’s on top of Kubernetes that counts. In this The New Stack Analysts podcast, TNS Founder & Publisher Alex Williams asked KubeCon attendees to join him for a short “stack” at our Virtual Pancake & Podcast to discuss “What’s on your stack?” The podcast featured guest speakers Janakiram MSV, principal analyst, Janakiram & Associates, Priyanka Sharma, general manager, CNCF, Patrick McFadin, chief evangelist for Apache Cassandra and vice president, developer relations, DataStax and Bill Zajac, regional director of solution engineering, Dynatrace. The group passed the virtual syrup and talked Kubernetes, which may be stateless, but also means there’s plenty of room for sides.