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The New Stack Makers

The New Stack

The New Stack Makers
26 minAUG 3
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TriggerMesh sponsored this podcast.

Cloud native environments and the breadth of tools and platforms developers have at their disposal has made the developers’ experience, and especially, the scale and breadth of applications organizations can deploy today, that much richer. However, today’s cloud native and highly distributed environments typically involve much complexity, while the developer’s role increasingly involves managing applications deployments and integrating the applications they create. A number of tools and processes have emerged to help improve the developer experience, such as serverless environments that help developers concentrate more on their task of creating applications.

In this The New Stack Makers podcast, Alex Williams, TNS founder and publisher, speaks with Sebastien Goasguen, co-founder, TriggerMesh, about developers’ challenges and the tools and processes of event-driven architectures, including TriggerMesh for AWS EventBridge.

Many developers rely on tools and processes that allow them to spend more time on developing code and less time managing deployments.

“What we’re seeing in a lot of enterprises is that the developers really want to develop, write applications and deploy their apps — they don’t really want to have to deal with the infrastructure and scaling and configuring it,” Goasguen said. “They really want to concentrate on what they’re building, which is the apps.”

TriggerMesh helps to improve the developer experience by bringing to the table what Goasguen describes as an “infrastructure mindset.”

“Developers really want to get their job done and abstract the infrastructure and the difficulties — I think that’s where serverless really arrives,” he explained. “At the heart of serverless, you have events. And that’s where we are.”

Events or event-driven architectures are also increasingly relevant for developers working in cloud native environments. By helping to improve the developer experience with its cloud native integration platform, TriggerMesh supports event-driven architectures for front-end environments. To this end, TriggerMesh is helping DevOps teams bring events from on-premises applications and cloud environments with AWS EventBridge.

TriggerMesh opted to partner with AWS since it is “really evolving the way people are building apps on their cloud using functions.”

“We’ve seen that with Lambda during the last few years, but now they are also tying all those functions and the other services through events,” said Goasguen. “And the entry point for events for AWS is EventBridge.”