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Criminal & Radiotopia

33 minSEP 11
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The summer after Jessica Maple finished 6th grade, she found out that her great-grandmother’s house had been burglarized. So, 12-year-old Jessica got out her notebook, looked for fingerprints, and decided she would conduct her own investigation. This week, four stories of kids who cracked the case. Criminal is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. If you haven’t already, please review us on Apple Podcasts! It’s an important way to help new listeners discover the show: iTunes.com/CriminalShow. Say hello on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for our newsletter, The Accomplice. If you’d like to introduce friends or family members to podcasts, we created a How to Listen guide based on frequently asked questions. Artwork by Julienne Alexander. Sponsors: Acorn TVEscape to Britain and beyond without leaving your seat. Try Acorn TV free for 30 days, by going to Acorn.tv and use the promo code CRIMINAL ArticleGet $50 off your first order of $100 or more at Article.com/criminal Better HelpGet 10 percent off your first month with discount code criminal at BetterHelp.com/criminal CalmGet a special limited time promotion of 40% off Calm Premium subscription at calm.com/CRIMINAL CauseboxGo to causebox.com/criminal and use code criminal to get 20% off your first box EarnestAnd now, you can get $100 cash bonus when you refinance a student loan at Earnest.com/CRIMINAL. Not available in all states. ProgressiveGet your quote online at Progressive.com and see how much you could be saving QuipGo to quip.com/CRIMINAL to get your first refill free. Rothy’sCheck out all the amazing shoes and bags available right now at Rothys.com/CRIMINAL SimplisafeProtect your home today and get free shipping at SimpliSafe.com/CRIMINAL SquarespaceTry Squarespace.com/criminal for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code CRIMINAL to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. Sun BasketGo to sunbasket.com/criminal and enter promo code criminal at checkout for $35 off your order. Virtue Labs Visit VirtueLabs.com and use the code Criminal to receive 20% off plus free shipping on your Virtue order. ZiprecruiterSee for yourself how ZipRecruiter makes hiring faster and easier. Try it now for free at ZipRecruiter.com/criminal.