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Burning Blood: The Blood Drive Podcast

Slack Jaw Punks

Burning Blood: The Blood Drive Podcast
176 MIN2017 SEP 20
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Hop in, buckle up and hang on! Bub and Matt are taking a victory lap to celebrate the pure awesomeness that was Blood Drive! And they have brought friends along for the ride. On this last episode of Burning Blood the guys feature interviews with series producer/director Gregg Simon, series writers Danny Zucker and Harrison Weinfield and the Bleeders themselves Primo J.D., Charlie Dillon, Heidi and the Omni Priestess herself Lisa Marie! Also the guys close things out chatting it up with series creator James Roland! So strap in everyone and enjoy one last ride through Blood Drive!Listen on iTunes HereListen on Google Play HereTHIS PODCAST AND ALL SJP PODCASTS ARE SPONSORED BY DETROIT BEARD COLLECTIVE AND LIBERTY STREET BREWING.